China Dots to Connect (earliest to latest)

  1. Greeted like Rock Stars

  2. After the 2008 earthquake

  3. China Athletes Upside-Down

  4. A Registered Church

  5. A new convert

  6. Foster Care: Blind Children

  7. Children’s hospital in Shenyang

  8. Eagerness to speak English

  9. Survivors of the Earthquake

  10. We share Hawaii

  11. Earthquake homeless

  12. My sharing about God and us

  13. Winter is coming

  14. Why China needs us

  15. What you set in motion

  16. Quotes to carry

  17. Saving Face main thing

  18. China’s Diversity

  19. First Class in Coach

  20. Jesus Life Coach

  21. My Last Days

  22. Back from China 2009

  23. Being stripped bare

  24. Alicia Keys: become a global citizen, not just a tourist

  25. Christmas in China

  26. How quickly we forget (Super Bowl commercial)

  27. Leave Your Mark!

  28. China: make friends for Jesus

  29. Have your hungers met in China

  30. Develop Your C-Muscle in China

  31. The Crash that Coulda Killed Me is related somehow

  32. Tuesdays with Morrie: how you stay alive after you’re gone

  33. Joanne after China

  34. Angelina after China

  35. Why foster care and love another’s child who is going to die soon

  36. My continuous struggles going to China

  37. Birthdays in China

  38. What I teach in China

  39. Birthdays in China

  40. Born to Belong

  41. Travel to Make a Difference

  42. China: a Big Deal

  43. Be global

  44. China’s athletes

  45. China: a moving target

  46. China 2012 itinerary

  47. Other religions in China

  48. Starfish Project in Beijing

  49. Elderly residence with a difference

  50. Other religions part 2

  51. Mentoring winners in Shanghai

  52. Healing prayers in Guiyang

  53. Muslims and Christians in China

  54. Connecting the dots (Steve Jobs)

One of the major reasons why I felt called to the ministry was because I felt so blessed from the time I was very young. Not that there weren’t difficulties to overcome, but a specific sense that I was on this earth to be blessed by God and to bless others.