Musings - a web dictionary defines musing as:


Deep in thought; contemplative.


1. Contemplation; meditation.

2. A product of contemplation; a thought. "an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections" (James Atlas).

So these are some daily musings (formerly blogs)

  1. about life, time, theology, psychology, skill development, how life works, the fulfilling life, relationships, plus good stuff from others

• about my contemplative thought, observations, reflections

  1. about my creative side attempting to think outside the box— that’s why so many blank balloons!

  2. about something quite monumental, the beginning of senior residences in China called Anapauso

  3. and, it’s not about me. Read: Generosity (Rick Warren)

Blessings - for the opening of a business or anniversary or closing of a business, a groundbreaking, a construction site, a kickoff, or a new residence, to have a formal or informal religious and Hawaiian blessing.

    Blessings are also for a rite of passage (e.g., getting a driver’s license), a birthday or an anniversary, a baptism, the christening of a child. There are also blessings for the removal of spirits and perhaps unknown curses on the home, business, or property. 808-373-4593, 224-8810. Email ronfkching@me.com. Visit the Blessings page.


Memorial Services - Everyone dies. And it seems we are never ready, nor prepared for the death of loved ones or ourselves.

    The loss of a loved one is often bittersweet, sometimes totally tragic, and difficult to comprehend and transition through whether the death was expected or unexpected.

    I am usually available, even on short notice, to help families and individuals plan a memorial service that is both worshipful and celebrative, and to help people work through issues in their personal grief as well.

    808-373-4593, 224-8810. Email  Click: Memorial Service and, What To Do When Someone Dies


Weddings - formal or informal, indoor or outdoors, church or beach, religious (including Jewish. Roman Catholic. Buddhist adaptations) or non-sectarian ceremonies. Besides English, the ceremonies may be in both Japanese and Hawaiian including Hawaiian chants as well.

    The ceremony can also be adapted to renewals of vows and affirmations of marriage.

   Weddings are easier to create, but staying happily married is not easy. Premarital preparation and on-going marriage counseling are my specialties. Click: Weddings

    808-373-4593, 224-8810 and/or email

Wellbeing FiftyPlus -

After age 50, getting and keeping healthy has been one of my main passions in helping others get out of the downward health spiral which happens resulting in heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression, suicide, etc. So I've been reading, researching anything that comes my way re nutrition, weight management, exercise, aging, etc. and put into practice -- and since these have worked for me, why not pass everything on so others FiftyPlus can fix themselves before it's too late! Open this:


China 2015

Ever think about visiting China? I never did until 2003 when a friend said, “Ron, think about China and your gifts, talents. God wants you in China.”  I protested but promised I would pray about it, Prayer: “God if you want me in China, I need a sign—like, a free trip for my wife and me.” And then in 2007 a former business client gave my wife and I a free trip to China. I thought it was a nice coincidence, but another person gave me a second trip, fully paid, that same year. Since 2008, I’ve been given paid-for trips annually taking friends and acquaintances to see what has happened in China historically, culturally and currently in this emerging great country, and to also see what God is doing there in meeting human needs. And to make a contribution ourselves. Photo on left is the principal of a school in Sichuan holding up a placard of Harold and Myrna Lee of Nevada who donated the kitchen and dining room for the school which had to be rebuilt after the disastrous 2008 earthquake. 

    Since 2012 I have annually given lectures to business leaders in Shanghai and teaching counseling and recovery skills to the Starfish Project in Beijing which rescues and rehabilitates trafficked women and girls. My next trip will be in mid-October 2015.

NEW: Anapauso Senior Residences

And now that Anapauso Senior Residence Centers will soon become a reality in 2016, probably in Dalian, Shandong or Fuzhuo, the first of many cities to have an Anapauso (“Come to me those who are heavy laden and I will give you anapauso [refreshment]” said Jesus), my next trips may include visits to these cities.

How? Anapauso acquires small hotels to convert to residential living for the elderly who are lonely and detached from a son or daughter living thousands or hundreds of miles away. Many of China elderly are now depressed and suicidal. The one-child policy has contributed to this crisis as the adult child may live a thousand miles away.

Anapauso’s Uniqueness: it will be free to (1) retired pastors and spouses living in poverty which is likely to be all; (2) single mothers or fathers with a child as the elderly need the young to keep them young; (3) rescued trafficked women so they can work at a new trade and/or go to school.

Most important, Anapausos will help people in the US or in China find, develop, and use their gifts and talents in this historic new ministry. And to possibly leave a legacy that will last for generations.

Be the Best at Love, or Be the Best in Leadership

And I have been lecturing on Love, leadership, organizational and individual development in Shanghai. The lectures on Being the Best At Love have received rave reviews and a wider demand.

If you’re thinking about creating a possible long lasting legacy by either serving in China (short or long term), or funding a needed school, classroom, orphan or mercy mission, or Anapauso, contact me - ronfkching@me.com

Organizational Transformation

Often a business or organization needs a good shaking up but as painlessly as possible (like good orthodontal work), and that’s a specialty I’ve developed. I give seminars and workshops helping executives and employees work with new enthusiasms, passions and inspiration.

It’s especially useful when it feels like managing is more like herding cats or too dictatorial. Getting everything from the top on down to the workers congruent and healthy is a must. Idea: bring your executive team to Honolulu to both visit and learn!

Read about how this can work for you - Transformation

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808-224-8810 (call or text)

808-373-4593 (best clarity)


If no reply in 24 hours, I may be traveling or the internet may be down so I can’t get email, etc. Do try texting. 808-224-8810.

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ALOHA ~ Welcome to my website.

Since retiring and completing eight years at Central Union Church in Honolulu [link] recently, I have been a de facto “pastor to the pastorless” or a Minister-At-Large. And to make a difference wherever and whenever.

I’m available for counseling, weddings, blessings, memorial services, especially to those who do not regularly attend or belong to a church, temple, or synagogue, and to the non-religious as well. 

I am also a trained Intentional Interim Minister to help a church in the interim period while the church seeks a called minister. Or as a company seeks a CEO. I have a degree in Business Adminstration and have served as a coach and consultant to CEOs in Hawaii.

Since I have a yearning to keep sharp and creative, to also live longer, I developed this website and to write, to be human and transparent, to invent, and to bless people, churches and pastors, businesses and organizations. No politics. 

And organizations and companies, especially in China, have asked me to speak and facilitate learning on leadership, mentoring, love, integrative and wholistic living, transformation.

And I’m now totally involved in something quite monumental, the establishing of Anapauso Senior Living Centers in China, hopefully beginning in Dalian or Shandong this year, 2015.

Email me - ronfkching@me.com
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